A. Inertia

The basic characteristics of nature as explained by Newton for the first time is “There is always inertia towards changes” If we want to make a change in life, inertia will play its role and resistance may come into it. If the resistance is to be removed, we will have to apply psychological and physical forces to overcome. We will have to maintain the level of our capability up to that stage where we can overcome the magnitude of inertia as assessed.

SPUN – Try to increase capability to overcome inertia for achieving change.

B. Probability

Almost all human beings have interest to know what is likely to happen in near future and long term future. They make expectation accordingly based on their experience. Many take help from astrologers and the experts related to this issue. Till now there is not a single individual who can make cent percent right prediction for the future on any of the issue. The study of nature through science also reveals that we can not predict about happening of any event cent percent. It is predicted in terms of probability which is always less than one and the whole quantum mechanics (a branch of physics) is based on such a thought. If a low probability event happens or high probability event does not happen, people take these as miracle and express surprise.

SPUN – Develop a broad, deep and long term vision to know probability of occurring any event.

C. Relativity

The 20th century goes to the name of a scientist “Albert Einstein” who after studying the nature gave an idea of relativity in which whatever observation is made by an individual in a particular space and time, it is true for that space and time only. The space and time is continuously changing therefore, if the same event with different space and time coordinates is observed the result will be different but not false. If we know the relationship between both the space and time then we will be able to correlate. Similar things happen in our day to day life. If observations of an event are made by two observers in different space and time, they will obviously differ and conflict of right and wrong emerges. If both the observers coordinate each other and are able to transform their results properly, the conflict can be resolved easily. It is a way towards peace. The same is true for attaining peace at family, society, country and at global levels. It also leads to the concept of “Absolute Truth does not exist”. What ever truth we see or listen is always relative.

SPUN – When there are different opinions at the time of taking decision then take the help from concept of relativity.

D. Exclusive Individual identity

Scientists have found that no two particles in the nature can be perfectly identical. They will definitely differ in at least one or more parameters. In the similar manner no two human beings can be exactly identical. The differences are obvious in physical structures, sense organs, mindsets etc. We are not supposed to be surprised if someone behaves differently. These differences vary and depend on time and situation. In order to understand and solve the problem, we should have capability to go in others mind set, coordinate through linking both the mind sets and behave accordingly.

SPUN – “Understanding and accepting diversity” will be helpful in resolving the conflicts.

E. Different behaviours in different times and situations

It is a scientific fact that a particle behaves differently at different time and situations. A particle behaves like a wave in some situation.The same is true for human beings also. It is not surprising but true; People get upset with others due to their different behaviour in different situations. They will be comfortable if they understand the changing characteristic of the nature. The communication process should be started by observing the situation and its pattern of changes over a period of time.

SPUN – Do not get upset if change is seen in behaviours in different time and situation. Naturally human behaviour varies at different times and in different situations.