A. Basic concept

Human being is a product of nature; therefore it is obvious that whatever the basic characteristics are found in the nature and it can be visible in human behaviours if such a vision is developed. (ii) We have come up from the nature and also will merge into the nature. (iii) Deep and broad understanding of the nature helps not only to solve day to day problems to a greater extent but also empowers human mind which uplifts the level of peace and satisfaction in the life.

SPUN - Relate issue of the problem with the corresponding processinthe nature.

B. Process to understand the nature

Sense organs interact with surroundings and give message to brain which maintains records in the form of memory. The frequency, duration and degree of intensity of interaction are major factors for retentivity of the memory. Picking up of memory and its utilization as and when required is a skill which helps in achieving the goals. The process of learning experience develops and nurtures such skills and consequently leads towards the success in life which is also a strong base for happiness.

SPUN – Give significance to problems on the basis of its frequency, duration and degree of intensity.

C. Classification for understanding the nature

The whole nature is huge and complex and it is very difficult to understand if it is not categorized based upon different parameters. Different galaxies, solar systems, planets, satellites and many heavenly bodies are the parts of our universe. Earth is very important planet where we lead our life. In Indian mythology, we have regular interactions with five main elements of the nature called space, air water, fire (Agni) and earth and worship them in some forms.

SPUN – The characters of five main elements of the nature shows ways to solve problems.

D. Indiscrimination by “Nature”

The nature does not discriminate human beings on the basis of religion, caste or creed. It provides skeleton, muscles, circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system, respiratory system, brain and same types of body parts which work on some kind of basic principles. It is we and only we who discriminate ourself on the basis of regions, religions, castes and other parameters. Of course the nature discriminates males and females whose existence is essential for survival on this beautiful planet. Nature provides unique characteristics and strengths to both males and females which are supplement to each other and make their survival possible on the earth.

SPUN – Avoid discrimination and go with facts is a golden rule to reach solutions.

E. Growing and changing

Birth- Infant- child – Adolescent- Youth- old – death. To grow and to change is a continuous process. This process is also seen in plants and animals, “Continuous Change” is also a basic Characteristic of nature.

SPUN – Observe “ContinuousChange” of the issue and then perceive solution.