A. Body and mind

Human being is a wonderful creation of nature. It takes birth, grows, develops, and ultimately merges into nature. Mind is perceived as power by which one can think. The body is said to be governed by the mind. Continuous interaction of human body with immediate surroundings through its sense organs is recorded in brain which leads to development of mind. The mind, with the help of brain controls the body through the neurons. It also fulfils the requirement of the body through actions. The whole process is scientific as the mind observes through sense organs, analyses, interprets, concludes and decides as the set targets for living life. Efficiency of brain is supposed to be measure of intelligence quotient (IQ). The understanding of dynamics of interaction between mind and body and also with nature helps us to solve the problems in life. The more we understand in a right manner more will be competency to solve the problems resulting in better quality of life. The relation between mind and brain is like a software and hardware of a computer.

SPUN – Maintain the strong bond between mind and body.

B. Growing body and developing mind

Human body grows, and synchronously mind develops in a continuous process throughout the life since birth. Brain is a physical object which acts like a central processing unit and connects mind and body. There may be several concepts for developing mind but one very simple concept is that the human body interacts with the surrounding environment through sense organs. The messages through there interactions are recorded in the brain at every moment and appropriate instructions are sent to the concerned part of the body and in turn the body acts accordingly. The regular recorded messages through sense organs form a format in the brain like software of a computer and can be seen as mind. The human behaviour depends on what type of environment was available to the brain, how effectively the sense organs has sent the messages from nature to the brain, how the instructions through neurons reach different parts of the body and the body acts accordingly. At any point of the process, if something is lacking, relation between mind and body becomes weaker. If the above process is regular and no obstructions are there, the human being is able to understand the nature very well and becomes competent enough to solve the problems of the life. At a certain age the growth of body stops and further it decays. As a result interaction with the nature becomes weak and slowly the control of mind on body becomes weaker day by day. The behaviour of the person changes accordingly. The mind of the person is programmed in such a way that it establishes compatibility between body and nature. It is likely that he will become more competent to solve the problems of life, share its experiences with others and make the life much better on the earth. Brain is a physical object and mind is an absolute abstract.

SPUN – The growing body and developing mind depends upon environment and heredity. Therefore try to understand the mind of person before dealing with the associated problems.

C. Measurement &Assessment

There are limitations for human beings in measuring physical dimension and abstract things. The limitations are more if it works of its own. It can overcome to limitations to certain extent by taking support from equipments/living beings but nature has restricted its limits. That’s why every measuring-equipment has a least count below which it cannot measure and also the upper limits where the equipment fails to measure. Human beings make assessment about abstract things but its capability limits it. What we observe through our senses with or without supports, the exact and complete measurement/assessment is not possible. Nature has not made any human being till now who is perfect in measurement/assessment. No doubt whenever we take some decisions, measurement/assessment should be the first step, it will definitely increase the possibility to achieve the success but the limitations from the nature may be the cause if it is not achieved. At this moment the person thinks about the God and interprets “The God wanted it”.

SPUN – Try to see the significance of the error in assessment and then move ahead.

D. Interpretations/conclusions/decisions

Whatever measurement/assessment is made by the sense organs, it is processed by the brain which interprets/concludes and ultimately the result enters into the mind to take the decision. The decision to be taken depends upon the pattern of already recorded set of large number of data of information. The formation of such patterns can be classified into early ages, middle ages, and later ages. Early ages: The formation of format starts to take shape. But the format is not properly built up therefore the decision are generally not supposed to be matured. Middle ages: The pattern is almost complete, therefore minds activity is at its peak and decision are supposed to be matured. Later ages: The efficiency of the brain reduces, new interaction of senses with nature become weak, there is a lot of change in environment after the pattern is a formed therefore decision may be matured but may not be relevant. If the processing by brain is still efficient, the mind will still have good capacity and decisions are likely to be matured and relevant.

SPUN – Try to adopt the natural process of observation- interpretation – conclusion – decision making to avoid problems.

E. Decision followed by deeds

The natural process of observation, interpretation, conclusion and then taking decision for achieving the objectives set by the mind is being followed by deeds (work). Generally a well thought strategy by mind and performance of work accordingly, takes the person towards success. During the period of performance the sense organs continuously interact with the immediate environment and send feedback messages to mind which monitors the work. If this process goes on smoothly without any hindrance the problems are solved as it is in accordance with natural process. It is found in number of religious books and especially in “Geeta”, the sacred thoughts and deeds make the person fortunate to achieve the objective. The deeds remain sacred if they are in accordance to the natural process. In order to become competent and capable enough to solve the problems in life, understand the nature and then follow the path shown.

SPUN- Do not make your thought wicked so that you continue to remain fortunate for achieving success. Sacred thoughts tune fortune and leads to success.

F. Loss in communication

Communications among humans have lot of similarities with transfer of energy in nature. The most important one is that there is always loss in transfer of energy in nature as seen in the loss of communication among humans. People find transformer along the road and observe that electricity is transferred from high voltage line to low voltage line. It is found that there is always energy loss in transfer of energy through transformers. The losses can be minimized by impedance matching between primary and secondary coils. In the same way whatever message is communicated by a person through words or body language it is not received by another exactly in the same manner. The losses in communication is minimized if both the persons have similar type of mindsets i.e., the pattern formed by recorded information in brain. If such pattern has a flexibility to change itself according to person itself, the loss in communication is reduced that in turn results in better coordination.

SPUN – Large number of problems can be avoided if effective communication skill is developed.