A. Religion

It is perceived as a system of belief or worship of God.Different religions have different forms of worship and have rules framed by a group or groups of people.Generally people learn to know aboutreligion at the stage of childhood and start to believe that their crucial problems can be solved by the blessings of the almighty. All religions are supposed to enlighten the path when people are in problems. Most of the religions have sacred books which teach people about how to live a happy and successful life. No religion speaks bad about other religion. When people are in problems and do not find a wayout, the energy level of mind and efficiency of brain reduces. The concentration of mind with an image of God (Bhakti) focuses one’s thought at a particular point and energizes him to raise the energy level of mind which in turn increases the efficiency of brain. It helps in solving the problems at crucial time. If problem is solved it raises the level of faith in its own religion. Sharing of such experience among large number of people increase the followers of that particular religion. No religion tells to forget wisdom while taking action to follow the path shown by it.Whatever may be the religion; all human beings have to follow the path shown by “Nature” other wise the survival will be in danger. Nature does not discriminatehuman being on the basis of religion.

SPUN –During crucial time, try to listen what nature speaks.

B. Religion and Nature

:- All religions believe that it is the nature and only the nature which empowers us to exist and survive on the most beautiful planet, “The Earth”. Almost all of them believe that “Almighty God has created the nature”. More and more understanding of nature takes you closer to the God. Nature is considered as portray of the God.  The harmony of man and nature is the basic concept of life and culture- Holy Vedas- Nature.  There is no separation between man and nature because there is no separation between natural world and the God – Holy Quran- Nature  Nature is one of the God’s Beautiful creations. Through Nature the God is able to teach us, speak us and provide for us – Holy Bible – Nature  The Sikh Gurus showed the world the way to live in harmony with environment – Holy Gurugranth Sahib  Nature bounds together and says, if one does not care nature – one does not care itself - The ancient Jain principles.  Look deep into the nature you will understand everything better – Budhha- Nature.

SPUN– Religions lead to God through a channel called nature. Understanding nature provides solution to problems.

C. Education

The process of reaching knowledge about nature through sense organs to brain and forming a pattern may be called as mind. It is supposed to be education. In non-formal education, there is no formal system which provides direction in forming pattern. In order to survive on the earth, it is felt that there should be some formal education system which can motivate the coming generation for acquiring systematized knowledge, skilfully utilizing the acquired knowledge as and when required and creating a feeling to live together for peace and prosperity. A society, state or a country and world at large can work with these objectives. It is likely that our generations to come will not only thank but will be grateful to us for making the world a worth living place for quality life.With the above concept, understanding of nature in true sensewithout being biased with religion caste, creed, region and any discriminating factor is essential component of education. It is not in the hand of any human being to take birth with a particular above biasing factor. More we understand the nature more we will be capable for solving our problem. Nature may not be the God to some of the persons but it has “God like role” in the life of human beings.

SPUN –For quality of life for coming generation make the education system in accordance with natural process.