A. Energy for life

“Nature is” a huge source of energy like almighty “God” as most of the human beings believe. We take food regularly which provides energy to us. All sources of energy are derived from the nature. If we understand the characteristic of nature properly in a right manner; we can very well lead our life by visualizing objectives and think accordingly to move ahead. The process of “energy conversion cycle is essential for sustainability and existence of life on the earth. “Energy cannot be created nor can be destroyed but its form can be changed.” It is similar to the concept of God mentioned in some of the religions that “God cannot be created or destroyed.” So God has beenperceived as a form of energy by some religions.

SPUN – Maintain the energy level of mind which will not allow the capacity of mind to go down

B. Emotions

A feeling of any kind like fear, joy, anger, love jealousy etc is perceived as emotions. Whenever we find situations as per our expectations we feel energized but in case of antagonistic situations we become uneasy and less comfortable. Emotions affect mind and body both. Whenever we feel energized, the working efficiency of both mind and body is increased and it happens vice-versa if the situation in reversed. In long term, to maintain the high level of efficiency of mind (at times brain) and body, we are supposed to govern emotions.

SPUN – Use the strength of controlled emotions for solving problems.

C. Spirituality

Spirituality is also said to be “Adhyatma” or the study of self or knowing about self. It is supposed to be higher order capability of human beings. Spirituality with mind (and also brain) develops vision and makes it deep and broad. It also makes human being more capable to visualize the probability of occurring incidents in future. It helps in controlling the emotions and makes the brain more dynamic and vibrant by increasing the capability to solve various types of problems.

SPUN – Increase visibility of solutions to the problems through spiritual activities

D. Fear

Fear is perfectly normal and natural response to threat and danger. Fear within certain limit is the best friend of human being which directs to take precautions towards change of path and the person carts out oneself from danger. Nevertheless sometimes fear can become irrepressible and develop into incapacitating phobia which may need treatment. If the development of mind by understanding nature is such that it can visualize the threats and danger well in advance, it can overcome the fear. The spiritual practices like meditation and yoga help to make strong bonding between mind and body that in turn make the human being capable enough to win over fear. This situation turns the threats into opportunity to emerge stronger.

SPUN – Maintain the fear within limit and emerge stronger in odd circumstances through spiritual practices instead of getting tensionized.

E. Patience

It is a virtue of an individual which varies from person to person. If something happens in the surroundings, its details reach to the brain through sense organs and in turn the person begins reacting. The reaction time is an important factor which depends upon the recorded pattern formed in the brain and the role of mind comes into play. If the reaction time is such that it reflects the wisdom with controlled emotions, the person is supposed to be matured enough and capable to handle the situations. For every person, the patience has got some limit beyond which emotions over come wisdom. It is very difficult to measure the degree of patience for an individual but the limit can be extended by practices like “Yoga” or “Vipashyana” and “Spirituality”.

SPUN – Develop patience to avoid numerous problems in life through spiritual activities.

F. Wisdom and Faith

Wisdom is related to efficiency as well as capacity of brain to achieve objectives set by mind through the process of receiving and sending message. This is a natural phenomenon where ‘received messages’ are delivered from brain to different organs of body as and when required.It also depends upon the pattern set in the mind by large number of messages stored in the brain in day to day work and also the challenges in different types of work; it is the wisdom which helps by providing direction for overcoming the barriers. Imagine a situation where a problem occurs which is beyond the efficiency and capacity of the brain and also is crucial for us, then how to proceed towards solution? Here comes the faith. We start performing spiritual activity specially related to our religion by concentrating mind to a point. We start to pray almighty God either to solve problem or show the way to reach the solution. The spiritual activity, especially concentration of mind results in expansion of limit of capacity. At this point the wisdom becomes active and we get success in achieving the goal. Now we begin to believe in such spiritual activities and faith is established in it. Sometimes the spiritual activity too fails to take the level of wisdom at required level and the target is not achieved. In this situation we start to think, “Perhaps, It is the wish of Almighty God” and the faith is continued but at times the faith is broken. Remember – Blind faith is dangerous for the person as it reduces the wisdom.

SPUN - Try to understand the relationship between wisdom and faith which are not opposite to each other. Faith helps in expanding the limitation of wisdom to solve crucial problems.